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Who are Ashley and Mandie?

We're creating this blog to go along with our weekly podcast and since our first podcast was an introduction to who we are, we figured our first blog post should be too! We're Ashley and Mandie, two cousins here to share our interests with the world. Which are so alike, we sometimes joke we're the same person. Enjoy some brief introductions below (also found on our about page) and listen to our podcast, "AM's with Ashley and Mandie", to learn more!

Listen to the first episode here!

Ashley here! I'm 24 years old from Illinois. I've been a makeup artist for four years and an esthetician for two. Doing makeup is my favorite thing and I'm always working to improve my skills. Aside from that I'm a total dog mom, I love my three dogs more than anything in the world. We do everything together and they're never too far from me no matter where I go. I also love gaming and even streaming my favorite games on twitch from time to time. Usually Dead By Daylight okay. Conventions are one of my favorite places to be at, you can find me by the horror vendors or in a photo op line. I love crafting mostly to make gifts for my pets and my family, especially my dogs. Also my hair is green and I'm very proud of it.

Hi it's mandie! I'm a 23 year old broke college student! Currently working on my associate of arts degree to become an Early Childhood Educator! I love doing anything pertaining to being outdoors! You can usually find me hiking or going for a run!! I'm big into crafts including crocheting, which I've been doing for about 3 years now! I'm apart of an organization called Hearts To Hands, which donates handmade blankets to moms and babies, battered women shelters, and Veterans! When I can I enjoy going to conventions and playing video games! My favorite video game is GTA 5 because who doesn't love running over pedestrians and shooting bitches??

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